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I mean the course, CHEM 1140: Chemistry in Your Life.  : )

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CHEM 1140 includes an online lecture component and an on-campus laboratory component.
At the end of the semester, you will have earned one grade for this 4-credit course.
Your grade will be determined based on the following distribution*:

Online Quizzes & Homework22%

*Letter grades will be assigned as follows:

A > 90.0% B > 80.0%; C > 70.0%; D > 60.0%;
F < 60%

Although it is unlikely any curving will be done,
I reserve the right to lower the above scheme.
Online Exams24%
Civic Engagement Assignments15%
Laboratory Quizzes10%
Laboratory Participation10%
Laboratory Notebook/Binder Checks4%
Final Exam15%

How do all of the above requirements translate into your weekly/monthly routine?
See the answers to this below, with specific deadlines/dates listed in bold:


Online Quizzes and Homework (administered on D2L Brightspace)
Each week, every Monday and Thursday, there is an online quiz deadline. 
In order to prepare for each quiz, you will be provided with a variety of support materials, including two to four Video Lectures (totaling between 40 – 60 minutes of video for each quiz) that offer instruction, examples and problem-solving practice related to the quiz topic(s). These quizzes usually have a 20 minute limit and are comprised of 5-10 multiple-choice questions.
Click here to see an example Video Lecture on “Ions”
here if you would like to download the accompanying Power Point slides.

FYI: Students watch this video before taking Quiz Three in Week Two of the semester. 
They would have already learned about related concepts,
such as atomic structure, protons, neutrons, electrons and atomic symbols.

Online Exams (administered on D2L Brightspace)
Four times during the semester, students take longer, end-of-module exams.  These exams are usually comprised of 37 (or so) multiple-choice questions within a 75 minute limit.  Additionally, students complete a short essay that they upload to D2L Brightspace Dropbox.

Civic Engagement Assignments (uploaded to D2L Brightspace Dropbox)
Students need to complete two of three Civic Engagement assignments by the three deadlines spaced throughout the semester.  For more specific information, click on each assignment below:

Researching Beyond the Course  
Exchange with Peers
Communicating with Key Parties
Laboratory Quizzes & Laboratory Participation (on campus)
Chemistry in Your Life students meet on campus to participate in a laboratory activity every Tuesday.  To prepare for the activity, students must print off and carefully read through the appropriate laboratory protocol posted on D2L Brightspace. A quiz over the procedures, concepts and safety concerns will be administered at the beginning of each lab session.
Laboratory Notebook/Binder Checks (on campus)
Three-ring binders in which students keep their completed laboratory protocols will be evaluated twice during the semester. It is important that students keep their binders orderly and up-to-date, as they will use them during the on-campus Final Exam.
Final Exam (on campus)
A pencil-and-paper, open lab binder Final Exam is administered during the last lab session of the semester (May 10th, 2016).  This fifty-question exam is primarily made up of short-answer questions about the lab activities completed